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"Casino Royale" () 2006
Based on the novel by Ian Fleming
Director: Martin Campbell
Scenario: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, Paul Heggis
Operator: Phil Mee
Music: David Arnold
Cast: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Dzhannini, Caterina Murino and others.

The complex case - to start from the beginning. In the backs - several generations of viewers, a huge army of fans with kollekitsonnymi videoarhivami who simply will not compare, and will be scrupulously examine every millimeter of your creation, podlavlivaya at each miss, prolong the statistical tables and placing checkmark in the boxes - the new record itself dolgoozhidaemogo re-emergence actor on the screen (41 year, the last time one of the actresses played in the second plan bondiane another girl), the most chastoekraniziruemy novel series (for "Casino" This is the third time, with the exception of the appearance of the same name in other institutions franchayza films), this - at the expense of the movie where there are no Manipeni and Kew, this is Bond account, this is the account director, and so on.

Leaving the twenty-first Bond to light accompanied by the incredible noise and equally incredible attention. Each of the hundreds of applicants for the role of Bond and out of the role of Bond girl was discussed in terms of artistic taste, tradition series of political correctness, and the potential impact on the charges. The head puhli producers, the audience sataneli, special editions ulyulyukali - a calm atmosphere that was not even with a strong stretch.
But in the final analysis, the question was formulated - Daniel Craig and Eva Green as a sweet couple, unchanged the last 11 years Judi Dench as M, and the film should be a "osovremennennym prikvelom" on the one hand this will be the first case only ordained agent " Two scratch "on the other - all will be in the modern world, instead of the red Soviets, and other teams will be terrorists, instead of criminal money will be re-terrorist, but instead a classic Aston Martin DB5 in 1965 will be super Aston Martin DBS and the Ford Mondeo, 2007 release, under the big secret specially compiled for the film.

In doing so, the creators of jobs and not tarnish bozhilis blessed memory Bondow past, but move franchise in the future, because the contract with Kreygom implied his participation at one of three future films.

Here it must be noted that the more complex productions contrived simply impossible to imagine, римейк-looking-prikvel unfolding not in the past, not the future, was not handsome blue-eyed Bond, "modest" Beauty Eva Green, the new director-old, a regular remix bondotemy primary musical, black-and-white prologue of Eastern Europe "with love" and ushankoy, then traditionally lengthy captions and… (exhaled) went.

From the earliest scenes, and then the second, third, and so through the entire movie can be seen as scriptwriters brigade led by the director desperately difficult to gauge vyrulivala director, podgonyaemaya hot breath producers. The film frankly shataet plot along from side to side, recording it in the Action, the amora side, the side of "retro", the "ultra" side of the most improbable zigzag. Noir with light eyes turning to unscrupulous bessonovskim parkour, it is replaced by a desperate firefight at the embassy, which desperately lacks modern-layer model, and then immediately, without pause, the scene is almost in a bedroom M (right, former Bond such dared not) and then immediately Bahamas, the Caribbean and many wild unfortunate… Bond girls, it's not that Eva Green, but also nothing.

Somewhere in the process is not evident shifruyuschiysya duty villain Le Shiffr. To be sure, despite the atrocious and colorful appearance, he still manages to be a little while samoparodiey not in the style of Austin Powers. Dysfunction dryness gland, nebula and the scar is, of course, good and pleasant, but against the backdrop of the overall traction franchayza to greater realism mathematics, several players now obsolete. At length of the film (leave alone a few games obsolete hundreds of millions around the modest), he only in the basement of Bond is due to the height of the atrocious, the rest being regularly find themselves alternately beating their clients and special services of all stripes. But even in the same basement, we all witnesses than all over.

In the end, all throwing, which will continue until the finals, resulting in their finals, the great multiplicity, the film is a mass of such peculiar patchwork of concepts, styles, approaches and genres. Somewhere, is the classic (or acquiescence glavzlodeyka Bond himself, emerging from the sea), where something is borrowing varying degrees catcher, somewhere - a modern tribute to the anti-terrorist international politics, somewhere this search for something new (building complex around Search enemies among friends), but somewhere in just the exposed napokaz kastingovye absolutely exercises around to who is actually the new Bond, which we present.

On burning unnatural blondes with blue eyes, the man with a large and muscles, his posture schegolevataya - a tribute to the aspirations of the public rather than internal need. New Bond - no poser, with the impossibility of jumping in his racing car he shamelessly anything, for their two runs, and necessarily catching up. He did not flout high technology, but applies them with coolness, preferring them Kreygovskih extra 20 pounds of muscle. Well, and the other, no less iron parts of the body.

Regarding amora, it is our agents to scratch two turns even more dramatically - where the old lady brutal, loving without removing the sword-belt? Craig Bond, romantic and even somewhere incredibly naive in this part, he skillfully conceals its weakness for sarcastic dictionary battles, and this helps Eva Green, portraying not fatal beauty, but rather to acute language buhgaltershu with two zeros, which also own mind, but not in the style of man-Maidens recent years.

And the most important component - Bond-humor. His in "Casino Royale" so much that last for three. Comic lobby in the main geométrico scriptwriters played fiddle, peresypaya happening Assembly jokes for all occasions, reaching a climax in the most responsible points of the action - "a phrase I had no difference", "letting the last nearly brought me to the grave", "I have a brother Langley "and" left "little pocheshi undoubtedly would tsitatnik most hardened bondomana.

What we have in the end? At surprised entertaining, fresh, albeit very torn and bardachno formulated movie, a very curious new Bond, Craig managed to overcome the negative, which is in touch with him during an argument about casting, ranking Western film critics have high, the first spectator polls also look very dignified likely to know what the movie will be charges. But now clear that the next Bond movies - be.

The film turned out to be just a very wonderful realestichny. I think Daniel Craig coped brilliantly with the role of James Bonda.Budu continue to wait ...
never been a fan of the series. While some episodes liked. but at this very Bonda wanted to go, too many negative sloishkom arrows were fired to the creators of "pending". and "after" went only praise. think twice merit increases and the entire troupe taken in the film, and of course Craig. молодец. Yes, the image of Bond, I would put on the same level as Connery, who believe / al ideal for that role. rating - 5 ka
Well, in general, the film does, it is even nothing! I watched it from beginning to end with интересом.Но are just too they delayed it could have been removed from there a couple of tedious moments. A picture is not bad Nori. The actor picked up at a central role, of course, not krasavchika but sigral it well, you will not say anything. Here's who I like, so this is a new villain (Le Chiffre), he is a typical rabbit, but obayatnlny damn!
I do not understand why many men of such poor views of the exterior of Daniel Craig? Most likely from zavisti.On simply amazing, blue-eyed blondes, wailing figure, lovely smile ...... Pierce Brosnan, classic sex symbol grandmothers-ride away in the background Kreyga.Byli at the premiere in London, the film and the game lived up all Craig ozhidaniya.V generally successful movie! And those who believe in Daniel grey mouse albeit often look in the mirror reflected in the
Craig in the movie is good, but Bond is a different (or no Bond). Love the dynamic first half of the picture, the tragic end of. Not like ugly girl (for amateur), pale cords negative characters and the plot (though on the book, but still). I think the best series - "Golden Eye" in the same director, and the duo Scorupco-Jansen there is very good.
The film on the head above предыдущих.Нет remains sealed, ease glamurnosti.Tut Bond-man, and not some supermen, and that all may never proigryvaet.Snachala do not like Craig, but after half an hour viewing the view has changed dramatically)) During the viewer sitting in tension, as if there for the card table or in the race for prestupnikom.Slovom, waiting for the continuation!
"Bond died! Long live the new Bond! "- Apparently under the motto has been working on a new series of Agent 007. Creators of the movie "fired" postarevshego Pierce Brosnana and adopted the role of a little-known spy Denielya Craig - actor is not suitable to the role of the British agent's character. Teams creators of this little thought, and in addition they have dramatically changed the style of the film. "Down with cameras firing! Shares jump with a parachute! "- Said producers and made us excursion to the past, when the agent Bond received only their two zero. But the trend: if there is a successful old film - a look announcements in the newspapers, must find a film with the words: early and returned in the title. And fantasy scriptwriters so scarce that became fashionable to do rimeyki old movies. "Casino Royale" is both very first book Ian Fleming and remake the film. By the way, if someone is interested, then 1 - Le code in the book was TOLSTYM RYZHIM and worked and not on the terrorists but on GREAT SOVIET UNION Quote - "Should be, he wanted to explain something, pray for mercy, but in the face the one who stood behind a Bond, realized that it is meaningless. -- Both your rights already dead bodies. You idiot, a thief and a traitor. I sent from the Soviet Union to remove you. Voice smolk. In silence distinctly heard intermittent breathing Le code. For bird sang window, awakening poslyshalis other sounds of nature. The light became brighter for curtains and on the face of Le code zablestel sweat. -- you acknowledge yourself guilty? Bond tried not to lose consciousness. He wanted to untie head, but torpidly neck, and he was unable to convert sight, eye muscle is not obeyed. He saw a pale face with vytaraschennymi eyes. Vypolzla jet saliva from the mouth open and hanging on the front of the chin. -- Yes - whispered Le code. Poslyshalsya quiet cotton, as if the bubble burst in the air vydavlivaemoy from a tube of tooth paste, and suddenly on the face of Le code, there is also another eye in the place where the forehead changed in the fleshy nose. Little black eye without eyelashes. "2 - they are not playing poker, as in" Bakkaru "- a game like 21 3 - moved torture scene from the book (though the truth!) What to say about a new movie about Bond? For five scale, I would put this movie 3.5. Not impressed. An attempt to mix the two "poles": action and emotional failed badly. Conditionally film can be divided into three parts: Part violent trauma activities (shooting, stupid jumps from one to another tower crane), part reportage with poker (long and boring) and again begotnya abstruse and shooting, periodically diluted sleznymi scenes.
The film is like. For the first time, Bond is a real person and not just Superman. The only thing we did not like is the main heroine, or rather its image, or rather how it plays this image. Well, it is not pulling on the girl-enigma, which could not discern Bond. I do not know whose fault Eve Green or director. All it too easy, and then there BATS! and she is leading a double game (against his will, but still). P.S. Thanks Holter for a certificate of title. It was interesting to learn that it is there in the original.
I do not agree with you. In my film is a success for glory. Yes Craig is not very similar to Bond, but he played excellent. And at this point it's the best actor who comes to this role. I personally like the movie.
pavel @ espmustaine
Williams, I watched a movie about good Bond movie stunts and spetsefekty but one word I skozhu pier brosnan basketball than greyg JUST my opinion wheelbarrows steep astine Martin but че but that I never saw so that it was like to primochkami pier in predvedushy seriii where she it with missiles and machine gun and invisible vnovoy serri nothing but have not yet quality is not extremely interesting but the film goes cool
just a super film, the film selection for the entire year, deniel kreyg currently macho.poskoreya soup just to see another movie with his participation.
Yes! The film turned out to be good, and short of my expectations ... Certainly not habitually see Craig as 007, and is even nothing! I battle scenes are also good ... for example, where he is on kumpolu him, but he hryas one hryas another! KYH a pistol ... GOOD FILM!:)
The film is very good! But Bond! Better would be and old, but that the usual Brosnan, and even jowly Butler! But Craig ..... This is just the horror!
And I have not watched the movie, but going ...
Simon Phoenix
The film quality and produmannyy.Kreig coped fairly well with its role and become very vostrebovan.Konechno "Umri, but now" a drop of no worse! Gratifying that joined Columbia to the entire case, whose image quality pyatibalno.Rekomenduyu watch this film lovers From super steep fighters! Razocharovyvayut only a couple of things: 1) Eva Green - a woman on the exterior fair ... 2) Aston Martin Krasavchik show some minutes in the entire movie (as an ordinary means of transportation). Everything else kruto.Otsenka: 9 / 10
Recently smotrel.Klassny film.Ya think the director was difficult to find a well-known actor replacing us, a man and the agent 007 Pierce who was filmed in other chastyah.Ves film interesting and advise posmotret.Osobenno like all the time as Daniel Craig proudly reveals card sets a Royal Flush Well !!!!!!!!!!! cho can still play?
When I went to the premiere, napryagalo 2 points: 1) great controversy at the expense of Daniel Craig, 2) to my memory, no bondiana, from the original title of which were short stories, even 50% is not transmitted plot and the reality path, basically taking thence only nominally names villains. And very much wanted to see "Casino Royal", rented ON THE BOOK. As a result, the two items in the process no longer view ourselves. Daniel Craig as they say, fit into the turn and went on the rate that producers identified with the inception of "Casino" - namely, serial brush. I am also very like and Die another day, and Goldeneye, but watch as each series gedzhety Bond steep and navorochennyh become absurd and ridiculous (such as wheelbarrows-invisible), it became a bit sad. So, my friends, say that spoil the image of Craig Bond, to put it mildly, premature. He played Bond way, and he probably was at the beginning of a career: a rigid, uncompromising, neglamurnym, not without "punctured". Regarding screen, the guys here, too potrudilis to glory, echoing part of the film is the best possible for the source (even torture scene left), with some updates reality (well, the same could not Bond in the early 21 century to fight the Soviet Union and SMERSH, which have long been part of the history, so I will answer Volume of Holter'a Perl). Joy marred only one thing: As always, our translators were unable to accurately convey all the subtleties of English humor, which was in the original, but it is not their fault. So wait a DVD edition
The film is very boring, it is not anything really breaking tower pursuit, no explosions, no fights, neither thin nor thick of humor, with the exception of a flat, the film is not logical, frankly sucked, simply bad, which took 150 million, the film looks at a maximum of 30 . Problems which is small, then win the path of money, where salvation of the world, where the most powerful weapons, the director resigned about akterishki, who played Bomzha (sorry for T9): about rolling - so to become sozzled possible for 3 months, if desired, the person he had silly -- kolhoznaja similar to Vase uncle - plumbing, potato nose, ears which is strange if he pokatit body, face an urgent need to change this person or do plastic surgery. Compared with Lee Tamahori masterpiece simply stool, I hope that neither the director nor the singer in the title role of James Bond movies no longer RHAPSODY.
I consider this the best film of the entire Bond. All other Bondy look at the background of his comic heroes naive about Superherobox * inspiring tales for the failed men. I concerned with women, with their dreams of the ideal, smotrjashhie film only for the sake of adding to their reagents promezhnye secretion. This is a film where Bond is no longer the super-puper and ordinary people, which would be you or I, that whatever it may be, if the man was actually existing. I think the majority do not like it, apparently just for those whom still want to see Bondianu cm *
The film simply chic. Tricks, Effects - at altitude. The girl simply mortality, perhaps, the best of all that I saw in bondianah. Especially zahvatyvayuschi first 5 minutes of the movie =)
Learning that Pierce Brosnan will not be removed in the next James Bond movie on my upset, and when I saw a new candidate Denielya Craig, then went to the horror! With the appearance, if after one week Drinking! But did not join the coalition antikreygovskoy firmly resolved to watch the film first, and then make their verdict. Well picture of the plot came a bit slow, especially in the end. Not expecting such a passage from Martin Campbell is no longer the first picture of Bond. Well, simple. The most important thing worth noting is the game Craig. He showed us a completely new way of James Bond. Bond, which is wrong, is experiencing commits stupid acts (remember the bombing of the embassy or scene with a knife in the hotel restaurant). Bond, who likes to gently and is willing to leave the service sake of the beloved. With Pears everything was different. Samouveren, resourceful, cynical for all, not in the water does not float, not burns in the fire and a woman for him "object fleeting fun than the subject grows." This image приедается over time, despite its bright appearance, charisma and the ability to teach themselves. Daniel Pierce and Bondy different, but both are good. Perhaps Pierce took time. An interesting fact. Brosnan in his debut Bondiane under the leadership of the same Martin Campbell and waited for his complete success. Craig repeated the fate of Pierce, umudrivshis be quite noise well before its debut, and beyond. Congratulations! Welcome to the family! This time Denielya Craig! At least until 2012.
First, watched a movie and immediately понравился.Не me he is very aware of those people who obsirali Craig before even saw film.Akter introduced to a lot of new characters, and even played very well. Plot I quite unlike previous series bondiady. We decided to read the book. And of course I thought that the movie will be many matches is not the book itself, but in the end the book was unexpected. U Fleming Bond in the finals was quite different. Now is a dual impression from the film and from the book. And in general, I advise reading the book - which will be compared.
To begin with, it is alleged that beginning .... Well, well ... Cellphones, laptops .... The film is not bad, but it is not Bond.Nastoyaschy Bond elegant, thin, intellectual, so you can cover skazat.Zdes same name Bond withdrawn modern film about "Demolition Man." Robust. Hiding behind brutal ... named Bond, piply removed the film, hoping to draw auditoriyu.Tak might not be gone, and will go on Bond .. I love Brosnana now in the role of Bond ... Again, it's a good movie, but anyone now defunct The beginning of the film ... even the so-MATRIX any;) That my opinion, very sorry, can I become old:) write, talk ... AlexBig20052mail.ru
This is hardly the first film is not about Bond, which I watched carefully. The plot is not too curled. But Craig bespodoben main role, it has everything you need, in my opinion, to become the best Bond. I look forward to the next film.
just the best fighters year! I went to the cinema because of the similarities Craig outside with my guy ... I am proud of it now! Let kazhdoydevushki will have his agent 007, or against someone?
Agree with Alexei, too, me, the beginning of a career Bond ... Yes when it began, the cellular and other technology in the 21 st century and pomine was not. This is the once-in debilnomu ddpo. Craig - it can and has played well, yes, he is not pulling in stylish imposing man Bond. Thus, accidentally went .... And in the end path can withdraw about Bond? All on his behalf zarabatyvayut.Vse uspokoyatsya.Prikinte not, the people, it has some "Santa Barbara," turns! Here sostarimsya we tell vnuchkov on any regular series Bondiany, with some makoleem kalkinom role in the Bond and with a name like "how Bond became a man" ... stagnation!
I do not know the rest, no skepticism about the new Bond film was not, the more so since earlier almost steadily to sleep on any movie in this series. get to the spot like a casino piano. deniela kreyga knew in the film "jacket" for this could not imagine him in the role of Bond, approached him more psychological role in what someday low films. in any case, so it seemed to me. but looked grand casinos and realized that this actor even by force role Tiguan. it is simply clever! applied all their previous roles, added super body and mind which sustains and get fabulously. and the final scene-which has the appearance of the town, prilizanogo, cold, always in a suit troika bond Shona konneri times. and even ears помешали.но not look beyond the movie, the most interesting how deniel can continue their final "my name is Bond, Bond WV"
This is the best Bond of all time !!!!!!!!! Stylish, a beautiful, mysterious!! Sam, I watched the movie 5 times and plan to look again 500! Already hurt the film interesting and beautiful Daniel !!!!!!!
Do not belong to lovers and connoisseurs of the genre action, but the film looked with pleasure. I do not know where to take this poor Craig hayat even before the movie rental - he does not worse than all his predecessors in that role. I certainly will be better Brosnana: looks terrestrial, vivid, natural guy, and not smazlivogo, prilizannogo, krasavchika glamorous. Especially his ears umilyayut - add credibility and viability of character, and then these pleyboi, whose hair even after the fight was not vzeroshilas already fed up.
Bereziuk alexander
super.ego film simply can watch every day and every time something novoe.eto see signs of this art.
A good movie. You can watch many times. D. Craig worked a lot on the role and done excellent. Film zahvatyvayuschiy.Kreyg realistic and the best-ever Bond istoriyu.Pesnya K Kornela general mortality !!!!!! I look forward to continuing! !
From the film was ecstatic! Suddenly, very like Daniel Craig. Although the film to his candidacy, as a majority, skeptical attitude. But he looks very convincing manner and Bond brings some newness and freshness (at least by the fact that he blondes). Eva Green also very miles. Overall, the movie looks with great interest, as opposed to "die, but not now, which is not at all resembles film, but with the lack of solid video clip on topic.
Chic film and the best taste in my Bond-none of the old or caused, perhaps, so much emotion. And as I wanted in some episodes!

Country: United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Czech Republic
Year: 2006
Director: Martin Campbell
Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Judi Dench, Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Janini, Caterina Murino, Simon Abkaryan, Isaac De Bankole, Jesper Christensen, etc.
Scenario: Nil Pervis, Paul Haggis, Ian Fleming
Budget: $ 150 million
Running time: 144 minutes.
World premiere: 17 2006
Premier in Russia: 16 2006
References to the film:
-- Film at imdb.com
-- the official movie site
-- Russian movie site


"Casino Royale" - not the first novel by Ian Fleming screen. In 1967, in pica serial of increasing turnover from MGM, Columbia Pictures released kapustnik colourful actor on the agent 007. Who was not only there, and Belmondo, and Orson Wells, and Peter Sellers, Woody Allen and even, but to the classical bondiane all of this did not have anything to do with. Uladiv all legal matters (Columbia - film, MGM - video and television), the studio decided not to invent anything new, and take advantage of proven material.

Once it became clear that in the 21 - m James Bond movie on the viewer will not see love Brosnana Pierce, a wave of general scepticism grew not by days but by hours. The choice of producers in favor Daniela Craig Bond fans split into two irreconcilable parts. Pessimists called to boycott the premiere, the optimists suggested that Prime wait and then its verdict. Waiting there.

James Bond is the increase, becoming an agent from 7 to agent 007. Two scratch - not just a mathematical fun superiors, and a certificate obtained the right to carry out the killing during a secret mission. Bond is taken without thought for the cause, passing explosives entire embassy. Despite such zeal newsprint caused by the sensation, MI-6 James instructs new assignment - go to the poker tournament in Montenegro, where he will have to beat banker Le code, sponsoring terrorist organizations around the world. The contribution of 10 million dollars for the British treasury agent make. Trace waste Bond charged charming Vesper Lynd. Impressive prize fund bogatei Radjabov of green cloth casino "Royal".

The first half hour (uragannaya chase in the best traditions of the genre) is not just a concern, but actually kill hope. Normal song famous throughout the Giant. Bond destroy, kill, commit dizzying stunts with a minimum (at Market cheekbones, vzlohmachennaya hairstyle) for a loss. But closer to the middle of "Casino Royale" is beginning to resemble the zapravsky spy thriller where all known enemies, but that they do not know. Bond is not the knight without fear and reproach, ukladyvayuschy in bed one beauty after another, and quite a refleksiruyuschy entity. Is it true your life, and he defends it.

There is something symbolic in the fact that over the helm 21 - and was part of a director "Golden eye" Martin Campbell. Film 1995 - go (this is where Bond spreads in the tank half of St. Petersburg) was the debut for Brosnana now - for Craig. The difference between them (movies and performers) is enormous, not visible armed eye. Brosnan - the classic Bond: elegant, clever, ironic, Craig - Bond XXI century: Kireyev, clever, uncompromising. Naturally, it is not an actor as such, but in the apparent transformation of the very image of the agent. Recent paintings with Bond-Brosnanom rapidly rolled in a fairy tale for adults, there has been broken, but there was no sense and plausibility. Bond-Craig - to be extremely realistic.

By fact, we are the new James Bond. To face Daniela Craig. Comparisons to anything here. On another, from a different test. And it is, perhaps, and is a major credit to the creators. The fact that 007 such agent has a right to exist at all, they proved one hundred percent. When kinobrendu already forty - is a clear success.